We spend an entire day travelling to get to our destination. The extreme layovers brought some nice excursions, delicious food and some interesting folks.

It’s been my first time travelling abroad and I remember feeling so blessed and in awe of the planet, clouds and the sky. It is the most beautiful thing to see from above. Excitement with a bit of anxiety filled my lungs while enjoying the luxury even the naps, conversations and mainly the view.

So we arrived at this beautiful Town called Porec, a Popular summer destination on the coast of the Istrian Peninsula in Western Croatia.

We stayed at Zelena Laguna Delfin Hotel and were met with a pretty classy lobby that directed us all the way to our rooms. The accommodation is within walking distance of Porec Zelena Laguna as well as an oceanarium and a theme park.

We attended the Dance Star World Dance Masters competition in Croatia where my son was one of many dancers from South Africa who competed against countries across the world. An experience we’ll treasure forever!

Hip hop Dance SA

The hotel boasts with a beautiful balcony and a stunning sea view where Islands are spotted all around. In a very close proximity you’ll find a picture perfect walkway surrounded with trees and dreamy views. Our holiday was in beach season where blissful sunny days and dreamy deep blue seascapes were perfect for sunbathing and swimming in the sea.

Delfin Hotel, Porec
Crazy Dance Moms and millennials enjoying the vibe

There’s so much more to this trip but I guess this is it for now. We will forever treasure the memories spend in this beautiful town with these beautiful people.

A few reasons why we loved Croatia

  • Croatia is one of Europe’s sunniest spots
  • It’s good value for money
  • It felt safe to walk around in the streets
  • It has the Game of Thrones appeal
  • There are spectacular beaches
  • Beach life can be combined with soaring mountains
  • Its capital is absolute heaven for coffee lovers
  • It is the birth place of Marco Polo
  • You can even spot dolphins

I’m sure you will love Croatia too and who knows you might even visit soon!

Raising sons

Young adults whether in their teens or early adulthood all experience many physical and emotional changes that can be confusing at times.

I have two sons, aged 18 and 22 years old and I embrace all the advice, guidance and encouragement I can get while raising them. It has been more than an unbroken bond and everlasting love relationship. Raising sons has been a challenge, a lesson, a blessing and a calling for me. I believe that everyone was chosen to be who they are and loved for who they’ve become. “What greater aspiration and challenge are there for a mother than the hope of raising a great son or daughter?” ~ Rose Kennedy

Home is where the heart is

Let’s pray with and for our children and help them develop a strong sense of well-being and sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others. Communicate with them, a lot! I’m fortunate to have my husband being the great dad he is, to help me with this. We communicate regularly and make a point of it to meet with our sons once a week to discuss any issues that arise be it good or bad. It keeps us all on track and help to keep everyone involved and accountable for each of their areas in the roles they play.

Listen to what they tell you or doesn’t tell you. Look for messages even silence or outbursts. I’ve experienced that listening to them reveal much of the kind of mothering they need to become a good caring man.

Let’s encourage our kids to be responsible by helping them set their own goals and expectations. Let’s encourage their emotions. Generations of boys have been raised to ‘do’ rather than to feel. Too often boys are praised for their accomplishments and not for how they treat their friends. Let’s get our boys involved in domestic chores. Household chores and other age appropriate duties will also teach them responsibility at a very young age. Emphasize how much men need to contribute in this area, too. On this level their father is also a great example to them which gives them no excuse to slack I guess.

‘Pray, communicate, love and support their dreams’

As his mom, teach him about strength, leadership, determination and the ability to achieve. The deep emotional connection between mothers and sons has been demonized for far too long. Just as your son has inherent boy power, you have the mom power it takes to raise a son who is self-assured and respectful of others.

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family”

~ Mother Theresa


My experience of this fabulous product is as clear as my skin!

My skin feels soft, fresh, clean and looks clearer since using the Nimue Cleansing Gel Lite! It has a soft touch to it and makes applying extremely easy. It has a non-greasy and milky texture that melts into your skin!


Nimue Cleansing Gel provides gentle, soothing and calming yet effective cleansing in a soap free creamy gel. It removes traces of make-up, oil secretions and impurities. The real secret to beautiful skin lies in the preparation, and deeply cleansing the face is your first step towards smooth, supple, clearly radiant skin.

If you have always struggled with cleansers having realised that your skin is too sensitive and you started reacting to products, Cleansing Gel Lite is the right solution!

A true cleansing sensation! This exceptional purifying product respects the most delicate skin types and leaves skin perfectly clean, revitalised, fresh and comfortable. Leaves skin toned, balanced and comforted with no oily residue. Skin looks healthy, fresh and luminous. It can be used as an eye make-up remover.

Nimue Cleansing Gel Lite

The Benefits:

  • Gently cleanses the skin and balances sebum production without drying the epidermis
  • Gently hydrates and moisturises
  • Soothing and antibacterial
  • Cell renewal and stimulation
  • Removes make-up and impurities
  • Offers a clean, refreshed and clear skin
  • A gentle approach to effective skin treatment

Active ingredients:

  • Vitamin A Ester (Antioxidant and Rejuvenating)
  • Vitamin E Ester (Antioxidant)
  • Polyhydroxy Acid Complex (hydration)
  • Sesame Seed extract (soothing, antiseptic)
  • Semulata Fruit extract (rejunetaion properties)
  • Lacto Complex (balances sebum production


Morning and Evening Apply a small amount to the skin and massage with wet fingertips for one minute.  Rinse thoroughly with tepid water.  Repeat if necessary.  Use a small amount on damp cotton wool to remove eye and lip makeup. Remove residue of the product.

Estimated cost R490 (140ml)

Hydralift Skin Care

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting International Academy of health & skincare in Cape Town to try out one of their amazing promotions.

Having never visited the international Academy day spa before, I was very excited and anxious! They offer a wide variety of treatments including the Guinot Hydralift facial, which I had the pleasure of having for a whole hour including a head, neck and hand/foot massage!

 Candles, rose and towels in spa
Photo on VisualHunt

What is the Guinot Hydralift Facial?

The Guinot hydra lift facial is a 55 minute mechanical facial that lifts the features & recontours the shape of the face by stimulating the facial muscles. This unique and major innovation enables fast and deep penetration of ionized treatment ingredients, resulting in exceptional effectiveness. It is a complete facial treatment using galvanic and high frequency currents.


  • The facial begins with a deep cleansing of the skin
  • The drainage aides in removal of toxins from the muscle to brighten the skin
  • Stimulation plumps up the small muscles of the face that flattens with age, for a younger looking skin – it’s like a workout for the face.
  • The Relaxing massage softens the facial features and rejuvenates the skin.


  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increase radiance
  • Lifts and rejuvenates the skin

If you go for regular treatments, I’m told that the results can be permanent! So the therapist recommended that I do the treatments once a month, and here I already feel and see the difference!

Feel free to contact the and I’m positive that you’ll get a great deal with this facial treatment! My promise to you… It’s amazing and you’ll love it!


What is Happiness

It seems like an odd question, but is it? Do you think happiness is the same thing to you as it is to others?

What’s the point of it all? Does it even make a difference in our lives?

In fact, happiness does have a pretty important role in our lives and it can have a huge impact on the way we live our lives. Although researchers have yet to pin down the definition or an agreed-upon framework for happiness, there’s a lot we have learned in the last few decades. READ ON!††

The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of “happiness” is a simple one: “The state of being happy.” Not exactly what we were looking for, was it? The definition of “happy” however, is a little more helpful: “Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.”

So, happiness is the state of feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. From this definition, we can collect a few important points about happiness:

  1. Happiness is a state, in other words, it isn’t long-lasting or permanent, but more fleeting and changeable.
  2. Happiness is equated with a feeling of pleasure or contentment. It is not to be confused with joy, bliss, or other more intense feelings.
  3. Happiness can be felt or showed, meaning that it is not necessarily an internal or external experience, but can be both.

Where does my happiness come from?

  • My happiness comes from a place deep within.
  • A place where love dwells
  • Family love and gatherings
  • God
  • Travel
  • Open spaces
  • Doing what I love…


  • Be committed. No matter what goals you have set for yourself in life, you have to be committed.
  • Be grateful every day
  • Take action
  • Money can’t buy happiness
  • Have a back up plan
  • Improve your social skills.
  • Balance work and life.
  • Pray daily
  • Live in the moment. Enjoy what is here and now
  • PLAY and Laugh a lot!†