My faith was tested on 28 January 2006, the day I lost my mom.

It was a Saturday morning when I suddenly heard my sister calling for help, when I ran over to see
what was happening. Then the thing I feared most, my mom, it couldn’t be, no, wait, she just looks
tired. She steadily looked at me as I held her hand, not sure what to do, I just said its going to be ok
mom I’ll get help, you’ll be fine. I then desperately ran over to get my husband and after 1 minute,
when I returned, there she was, her eyes closed, her body lifeless. When the emergency unit arrived,
they tried to revive her, but nothing. It all happened so fast! It was the worst thing that ever
happened to me. I screamed! Sobbed! But she was gone forever.

I remember feeling so angry, lonely, empty and regretful. I’ve lost my purpose for life and regretted
not being the daughter I could’ve been. I remember feeling angry at myself for not spending enough
time with her, not always being there when she needed me. I could’ve done more!
The following Saturday after her funeral, being in my house just felt cold and miserable. We couldn’t
bear the pain of losing mom, it was extremely difficult at first.
I knew that there was a reason why she had to leave so suddenly. She suffered no illness at all but
she was lonely because in July 2004 my dad passed on. I prayed to God to ease the pain and
suffering of losing her. I yearned to see her one more time, to touch her skin, to hold her hand and
to just lay my head on her shoulder for another day. I could hardly breathe, my heart was heavy and then
I went into depression and I knew that it was the feeling of anger, regret and sorrow.

As I prayed and asked God for comfort and strength, it became more bearable. I realized then that
God hears the prayers of a broken heart and heals that which no man can.
A few months later I had a dream about her where she was walking tall holding my sister’s hand over
a pedestrian crossing. She looked happy and on the go as she once was. That dream meant
everything to me. On another occasion a few years later, still feeling the emptiness and longing to
feel her nearness, I was walking down the passage in our house and suddenly heard her voice
whispering my name.

I still encounter her presence and give thanks to God for revealing her to me as that is as significant
to me as the memories I had with her.
My reason for writing this story is to tell you that it takes time to heal. That God knows our pain and
sorrow. He carries us through difficult times and we only have to put our complete trust in Him. The
loneliness, anger and regret faded. I became whole again and I learned to appreciate more, live for
now and put God first. Prayer is power, it is our way of communicating with God and through this my
emotional needs are fulfilled.
Today 15 years ago she was called home.

Written 28 January 2021

my favorite items this holiday season

Here are a few of my favorite things that I absolutely love! Simple and basic things that might steer you into the direction of what to get your lady or best friend for Christmas or any day!

So these items are my everyday kind of items that gives me that boost of confidence – even at the beach or a trip to the shopping mall! And some extra for your home, try it – You’ll love it!

The Badgirl Uptown Ladies Sunglasses will give you the feels into holiday mode whether you’re out to shopping or a day out to the beach.

The Marique Yssel Leggings Black is the ultimate in leisure wear! Soft and stretchy in beautiful natural fibre Cotton Spandex. Very comfortable to wear and the fabric is breathable and not static – wearable through all seasons.

Dash into summer with this nice crotchet Blackcherry Beige Fishing Net Shoulder Bag. It’s stylish and makes a statement when you step out on an evening out.

The Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Amethyst Shimmer is super easy to apply, staying for up to 8 hours on your lips. 25% high colour impact. Smooth creamy texture for comfortable wear all day long. The only challenge though, Wearing your mask will hide the look completely, but hey, you’ll have to take some selfies right?

The Summer Sun Straw hats are very good quality straw hats with an adjustable band inside. It has a wide brim with “do not disturb” embroidered into the straw. The hat size fits all and lounging around the swimming pool or at the beach will send a clear message! LOL!

Since the very first time I bought this perfume, I never looked back. Paco Rabanne Lady Million was created by the house of Paco Rabanne with perfumer Anne Flipo and released in 2014. A wonderful edition to the Lady Million fragrance collection. A tropical fruity floral perfume that is certainly a winner. Still one of my top favorite perfumes!

The Blomus Scented Candle will turn your living room into an oasis of wellbeing. It creates a delightfully relaxed atmosphere with its Soft Linen fragrance.
The characteristic concrete look in a velvety, dark grey tone gives the lightly scented candle a unique touch. The perfect gift for someone you care about.

I hope you enjoyed my Blog post and feel free to comment or like! Seasons greetings and Stay safe!


For many of us, our childhood is something we reflect on with the fondest of memories. Isn’t it strange to think that some of our most treasured possessions aren’t physical possessions at all?

Of course we might have photographs, but the real joy is in the memory itself. Something which lives only in our minds.

When I look back at my childhood, there is so much I could talk about and so many memories but when I stop and think about what I treasure the most from it, it isn’t just one memory, it was more of a way of life. 

The bulk of my childhood memories are in a loving home with my four sisters and brother, mom and dad. I am the youngest of six siblings and loved playing outside with friends and anyone who were up for a afternoon of hide and seek, hopscotch, tipcat, skipping rope, netball, softball, handmade scrabble, puzzles, 3 Tins, etc, I’m sure my homies can relate.

All of those things contain beautiful memories, but what I love and miss the most, is just that we were raised to simply BE.

That just waking up in the morning was a blessing. That your day doesn’t have to be packed with activities for you to feel productive or fulfilled. We learned how to entertain ourselves because mom and dad never gave us something to do when we said we were bored…they just sent us outside.

Outside the best and favorite childhood memories took form. I can close my eyes right now and I immediately, with a deep breath, can remember laying on my back on the grass staring at the sky and seeing the clouds forming in little puppies or smiley faces. I remember laying on my back staring at the sky, day dreaming all the time. At night I would stare at the starry skies and watch the shooting stars appear far more than I could ever dream of! It really did! It brought my soul such peace. 

I remember breathing so calmly and so deeply, feeling such a peace when it was me and the great outdoors.

Fast Forward to being a busy mom of two, I am still such a dreamer. When I’m not editing images or cooking dinner or writing a blog, you can often find me staring out of a window, lost in thought, lost in dreams. It’s in those moments, that I remember the finest moments of my childhood. That there were no expectations and no pressure. I didn’t have a lot of friends, so therefore, I never dealt with friends being mean or not accepting me.

My dad worked a 9 to 5 job and for the most part my mom was a stay home hardworking caregiver who taught me most of my skills I have today. As a family, we loved watching our favorite movies, cook and spend time together.

Growing up as the youngest of six siblings I was protected from the rush of the world and it kind of felt like I was living in a bubble. Carefree, happy impulsive and just being me and I loved every minute of it.


Life lessons | What people think of you

Is it a good idea to care what people think of you?

Social anxiety disorder (also called social phobia) is a mental health condition. It is an intense, persistent fear of being watched and judged by others. … But social anxiety disorder doesn’t have to stop you from reaching your potential.

As long as you don’t lose sight of yourself. But if you think you do place too much value trying to please others, then it’s time to turn the focus on strengthening your sense of self.

For as long as I can remember I believed that caring about what people think and say about you is very important but truth be told there’s two sides to this perception.

Why you shouldn’t care about people’s opinions

It can prevent you from living your life, because your entire being (your personality, your thoughts, your actions) are controlled by an idealized standard of what people want to see. When you become so obsessed with other people’s opinion of you, you forget your own.

Follow These Practical Ways to Not Care What Other People Think

  • Remember that the negative comments someone makes is about them, not you.
    • Putting yourself out there is hard. It can be brutal. You could be the most talented, entertaining, sweetest soul on Earth and still be confronted with negative comments. No one is immune. Whether it’s a video posted, an article published, a piece of art created, even a single idea shared, anything can warrant a negative response in this day and age of strong opinions and anonymous digital presence, how you deal with it is entirely up to you.
  • Be true to yourself
    • When you are your true self, you can better self-advocate or stand up for what you need. Your self-expression matters, and you should value your voice. It’s okay to need things, it’s okay to speak up, and it’s okay not to be okay.
  • This is your one life
    • Being in touch with what you want and what matters to you helps you prioritize, develop goals and ultimately get where you want to go. Discover what you truly want by asking yourself, “what really lights me up?, what matters to me? Allow yourself to think freely as you answer these questions instead of getting caught up in what you think you should be doing or what others would like for you to do.
  • Remove sources of negativity, immediately
    • With all the responsibilities that rest on my shoulders as a mom, wife and entrepreneur, I’ve learned that I must constantly delete negativity from my life. While it hasn’t been easy to pull off, making the conscious decision to remove negativity from my life has definitely been worth it. My health has improved tremendously and I’ve been able to focus on what’s really important in my life.
  • Focus on being in the moment
    • Be present in your own life. All you have is this moment so don’t let it slip away. Given the fast pace and hectic schedules most of us keep, a base level of anxiety, stress and unhappiness is the new norm. We may not even realize it but this tendency to get sucked into the pas and the future can leave us worn out and feeling out of touch with ourselves.
  • Think about why you care
    • If you care, it’s more likely to mean that you respect their opinion and view point, and that you’ll consider and review it, but still choose to go your own way. However, if you worry all the time, this takes it a whole lot further and can soon affect your decision making. You may become a people pleaser who listens to every opinion but your own, which, in the long term, can chip away at your self-belief.



For today’s working women it’s nearly impossible to get a good 8 hour nights’ rest, agree? I know I’m not alone. My daily routine with all the shenanigans in between has taken a toll on my total hours of sleeping, so I’ve incorporated a few relaxing bedtime rituals into my night time routine to help ward off stress and set me up for a better night’s rest.


Running that warm bubbly bathwater in itself already gives an amazing calming effect and your body start unwinding. I don’t work after taking a bath as it keeps my mind occupied and in a spin about things out of my reach.

Not only does a warm bath make the blood flow easier, it also makes it more oxygenated by allowing you to breathe deeper and slower, particularly when taking in steam. Taking a hot bath or spa can kill bacteria and improve immunity. It can relieve the symptoms of cold and flu.


I learned my lesson, when consumed late in the day, caffeine stimulates your nervous system and may stop your body from naturally relaxing at night. Caffeine can stay elevated in your blood for 6–8 hours. Therefore, drinking large amounts of coffee after 3–4 p.m. is not recommended, especially if you’re sensitive to caffeine or have trouble sleeping.


While short power naps are beneficial, long or irregular napping during the day can negatively affect your sleep.

Another study noted that while napping for 30 minutes or less can enhance daytime brain function, longer naps can harm health and sleep quality.


Your body’s biological rhythm functions on a set loop, aligning itself with sunrise and sunset – Try to get into a regular sleep/wake cycle — especially on the weekends. If possible, try to wake up naturally at a similar time every day.


To optimize your bedroom environment, try to minimize external noise, light, and artificial lights from devices like alarm clocks. Make sure your bedroom is a quiet, relaxing, clean, and enjoyable place.


Consuming a large meal before bed can lead to poor sleep and hormone disruption. However, certain meals and snacks a few hours before bed may help.


Listening to relaxing music, reading a book, meditating, deep breathing, and visualization automatically puts me in a calmer state and it helps with a peaceful night’s rest.


I’ve been guilty of the above and it disturbed my sleep tremendously, so try not to drink fluids 1 – 2 hours before bedtime and try to use the bathroom right before bed.

I hope you enjoyed this article and put it to good use in your daily life. Kindly leave a comment to indicate if you enjoyed my blog article