For many of us, our childhood is something we reflect on with the fondest of memories. Isn’t it strange to think that some of our most treasured possessions aren’t physical possessions at all?

Of course we might have photographs, but the real joy is in the memory itself. Something which lives only in our minds.

When I look back at my childhood, there is so much I could talk about and so many memories but when I stop and think about what I treasure the most from it, it isn’t just one memory, it was more of a way of life. 

The bulk of my childhood memories are in a loving home with my four sisters and brother, mom and dad. I am the youngest of six siblings and loved playing outside with friends and anyone who were up for a afternoon of hide and seek, hopscotch, tipcat, skipping rope, netball, softball, handmade scrabble, puzzles, 3 Tins, etc, I’m sure my homies can relate.

All of those things contain beautiful memories, but what I love and miss the most, is just that we were raised to simply BE.

That just waking up in the morning was a blessing. That your day doesn’t have to be packed with activities for you to feel productive or fulfilled. We learned how to entertain ourselves because mom and dad never gave us something to do when we said we were bored…they just sent us outside.

Outside the best and favorite childhood memories took form. I can close my eyes right now and I immediately, with a deep breath, can remember laying on my back on the grass staring at the sky and seeing the clouds forming in little puppies or smiley faces. I remember laying on my back staring at the sky, day dreaming all the time. At night I would stare at the starry skies and watch the shooting stars appear far more than I could ever dream of! It really did! It brought my soul such peace. 

I remember breathing so calmly and so deeply, feeling such a peace when it was me and the great outdoors.

Fast Forward to being a busy mom of two, I am still such a dreamer. When I’m not editing images or cooking dinner or writing a blog, you can often find me staring out of a window, lost in thought, lost in dreams. It’s in those moments, that I remember the finest moments of my childhood. That there were no expectations and no pressure. I didn’t have a lot of friends, so therefore, I never dealt with friends being mean or not accepting me.

My dad worked a 9 to 5 job and for the most part my mom was a stay home hardworking caregiver who taught me most of my skills I have today. As a family, we loved watching our favorite movies, cook and spend time together.

Growing up as the youngest of six siblings I was protected from the rush of the world and it kind of felt like I was living in a bubble. Carefree, happy impulsive and just being me and I loved every minute of it.



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