I am the youngest of five sisters and I absolutely love and appreciate them with my whole heart. My mother was an only child and as a mom she raised us with a firm and loving hand. Her rules were clear and our relationship was somewhat of a love/fear kind. Love because she was the one we loved the most and there was nothing else like it. Everything about her was done out of the purest form of love. She was the only one who loved us the way she did and knew us so well and we never even realized the pureness of her love until we became moms. Fear of disappointing her or hurting her feelings. A tremendously strong and fearless lady with self-confidence, self-respect and the kindest heart. She fought our battles, the kind of battles you fight on your knees.

In her absence my sisters would step in to help wherever they could. They would cook, clean, change diapers and dress me. That’s how we were taught, I could never speak of the things they endured throughout my life, the sacrifices, the tears, the support in raising and the love they have for me. Recently I went through a rough patch and my sisters got together without my knowledge, arranged a ‘party for sisters’ but when I arrived they actually had an intervention about my state of well-being. We laughed, cried, chatted for hours but the part that I appreciate the most is the love, compassion, support and concern they had for me. They had my back!

Sisters are not only blood relatives. A sister is a person who’s been where you’ve been, someone you can call when things aren’t going right. More than just family, a sister is a forever friend. Let’s celebrate each other. Whether it’s body goals, professional goals or just making it in this world, make a fuss of it and support each other. Do not compete with other women; we all have our own journey that God holds in his hands. Listen with an open heart & mind and be kind, don’t hold grudges.

An insert in an article in the Huffpost discussed sisterhood;

The fact is we are not just connected, as women. We are interconnected. So why does it seem that at a time when so many of us (and it is about “us”) are getting ahead and doing amazing things that far too many of us are being left behind? The truth is, many women despite our achievements or power are just too scared, too selfish, or too insecure to help other women. And that is what real “sisterhood” is all about, because the reality is, if we don’t help each other, who will? And if not in this time, when?

In the final analysis to be a sister is to be a friend and to be loyal. It is to give a smile, lend a hand and practice friendship. It is to be forgiving, lending a helping hand, be a fierce advocate and builder of other women. Being a sister means you value other women as you value yourself.

Let us put the ‘sister’ back into the word sisterhood. It starts with you and me, right here and now.

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