We spend an entire day travelling to get to our destination. The extreme layovers brought some nice excursions, delicious food and some interesting folks.

It’s been my first time travelling abroad and I remember feeling so blessed and in awe of the planet, clouds and the sky. It is the most beautiful thing to see from above. Excitement with a bit of anxiety filled my lungs while enjoying the luxury even the naps, conversations and mainly the view.

So we arrived at this beautiful Town called Porec, a Popular summer destination on the coast of the Istrian Peninsula in Western Croatia.

We stayed at Zelena Laguna Delfin Hotel and were met with a pretty classy lobby that directed us all the way to our rooms. The accommodation is within walking distance of Porec Zelena Laguna as well as an oceanarium and a theme park.

We attended the Dance Star World Dance Masters competition in Croatia where my son was one of many dancers from South Africa who competed against countries across the world. An experience we’ll treasure forever!

Hip hop Dance SA

The hotel boasts with a beautiful balcony and a stunning sea view where Islands are spotted all around. In a very close proximity you’ll find a picture perfect walkway surrounded with trees and dreamy views. Our holiday was in beach season where blissful sunny days and dreamy deep blue seascapes were perfect for sunbathing and swimming in the sea.

Delfin Hotel, Porec
Crazy Dance Moms and millennials enjoying the vibe

There’s so much more to this trip but I guess this is it for now. We will forever treasure the memories spend in this beautiful town with these beautiful people.

A few reasons why we loved Croatia

  • Croatia is one of Europe’s sunniest spots
  • It’s good value for money
  • It felt safe to walk around in the streets
  • It has the Game of Thrones appeal
  • There are spectacular beaches
  • Beach life can be combined with soaring mountains
  • Its capital is absolute heaven for coffee lovers
  • It is the birth place of Marco Polo
  • You can even spot dolphins

I’m sure you will love Croatia too and who knows you might even visit soon!

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